Cowgirl - Pulled Mane

Cowgirl - Pulled Mane

Your horse is ready for a mane makeover! A pulled mane can make all the difference in the show ring. It gives them a tidy, well-groomed look and is highly encouraged in certain breed and disciple shows. If you’re not sure a pulled mane is right for your horse check out: Is It Necessary To Pull Your Horse’s Mane?.

Pulling your horse’s mane doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. Just follow these steps and you’ll be a pro in no time.

  1. The best time to begin is right after exercising your horse. His pores will be open and his skin warm, which will allow the hair to come out easier. Tie him with a quick release knot or breakaway crossties. A step stool will be helpful for taller horses.
  2. Untangle the mane with a comb or brush. Do not use products that will make his hair sleek or slippery. A little bit of dust and dirt make the hairs easier to grip.
  3. Break the mane into sections and start either at the bottom by the withers or top near the poll.
  4. Get your mane comb ready. Grab a few strands of hair and hold firmly downward. Backcomb from the ends of the hair to the crest of the mane. You should now only be holding a few strands of the longest hairs.
  5. Wrap these hairs around the mane comb near the base of the neck. As one hand pushes against the neck the other hand quickly pulls downwards with a firm tug. Clean the hairs off the comb.
  6. Continue down the length of the mane only pulling the longest of hairs until you reach the desired length. The entire process should be done over several days, rather than in one session.


  • If the hair isn’t coming out easily you may be attempting to pull too many hairs at once. Just a few strands at a time!
  • Step back many times throughout to ensure even thickness and length.
  • Pulling works better with thicker manes. Be careful of pulling already thin manes. It may be wiser to cut or use a blade to get similar results.
  • A hay net might fight boredom or distract an uncomfortable horse.

The end results will have your horse looking his best! By following these steps you can ensure both you and your horse will have a positive experience with mane pulling.

Above photo credit: thisisamyt at Flickr.

Top of page photo credit: Brianna at Flickr.