Pet Peeves

Riders often have a few pet peeves when it comes to barn life and their horse’s care. The only people that truly understand are usually fellow horse lovers. You might get a laugh at this list, but only because they’re so spot on.

1. When people say riding is a sport. Does this irk everyone else?

2. Horses that refuse to stand when you’re mounting. Heck, it’s more than just annoying, it’s dangerous!

3. The rider who doesn’t clean up after themselves in the cross-tie area. This is a horse barn not a pig pen.

4. Oh, how about the person who leaves manure in the riding arena when they’re done. Frustrating!

5. The newbie who thinks they know everything. Really, just know-it-alls in general…

6. Barn dogs that bark or follow you around and get in your way.

7. When you’re trying to sell a horse, tack, or trailer and someone low balls you. Even non-horse people might understand this one!

8. Asking to ride your horse. Friends, family, co-workers seems to think your horse is available for a pony ride.

9. Have you ever been told you’re rich because you own a horse? Clearly, they are unaware of the sacrifices most owners make.

10. When your horse is getting bullied at the round bale. Mama bear to the rescue!

How true are these! Do you have any pet peeves that aren’t listed?

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