"Cowgirl Magazine" - Picture

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Picture

There could be lots of reasons why you need a professional-looking picture of your horse. If he is for sale, a great shot will draw more attention to his ad. Taking pictures can also be just for fun! It’s a good way to hold onto memories. It isn’t always easy, but follow these simple steps and you’ll be on the right track!

1. Locate an area to take the picture. It should be clean and well-lit. Choose a place that doesn’t have a lot of distractions. You want your horse to be the focus. Make sure to pick up any manure in the background.

2. Grab a few brushes and get ready for an intense grooming session. Time to make your horse shine. Try to bathe him the day before, if possible.

3. After all of the dirt and grime is removed from his coat, mist him with a shining spray to make his fur glisten. A layer of hoof dressing will also really make him look the part.

4. Depending on the purpose of the picture, you can hire someone to braid his mane and tail for a professional look.

5. Tack, such as a bridle, saddle, or halter, should be very clean. It should also fit good.

6. Unless you have professional lighting tools, you need to utilize natural sunlight. The best time of day is early morning or late evening. Take a few practice shots to try it out beforehand. Avoid using the flash if at all possible, and watch out for shadows.

7. For a liberty shot, choose a secure fenced area. It makes it easier if you have someone to help you. The trick is to use a whip to make a popping sound. Crack or pop the whip and capture the shot as soon as his ears point forward. Avoid mid-stride.

8. For a conformation shot, ask your handler to square up your horse. Try to position him on an upward slope. Next, ask your handler to step back and crinkle a plastic wrapper. This helps to get your horse’s ears forward.

9. Don’t be afraid to have fun and try new things. Take a lot of pictures so you have more options.

What’s your best advice when it comes to taking a great picture?