This little piggy grill is definitely a conversation piece for your backyard paradise! Outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces have pretty much become a must for houses this day in age. But instead of an oven or a stove top, most will have a grill and/or a hibachi-style surface!

The thing about grills, though, is if you’re planning on having a lot of people over, you need a BIG one to be able to fit all the food because you normally do all the meat AND the sides! So why get a regular grill that will look like a dark eyesore in a place that’s supposed to be a paradise? This little piggy grill is definitely anything but an eyesore and is sure to be a conversation piece!

When you have such a fun house made for entertaining like this turquoise modern ranch house, this little piggy grill is a perfect fun touch to your outdoor patio paradise!