While finding an excuse to eat pizza is as tough as finding an excuse not to eat it, it just so happens that these are especially irresistible! Check out these mouth-watering pizza recipes that will not only melt your heart, but turn it into a gooey, cheesy, melted mess.
Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Photo and recipe via Averie Cooks
Combine your love for barbecue and pizza with this barbecue chicken pizza recipe. It’s delectable, delicious and easier to make than it looks. Your cowboy will think you’re the ultimate chef. Get the recipe here.
Best Homemade Margherita Pizza
Photo and recipe via A Beautiful Plate 
Pull out all the stops with this homemade Margherita pizza. You’ll wow everyone and anyone with this delicious recipe. The time and effort it takes to make this pizza is well worth it, especially for National Pizza Day. Get the recipe here.


Spinach and Artichoke Pizza
Photo and recipe via Life Made Simple
If you love a good spinach and artichoke dip, then you’re going to fall over for this spinach and artichoke pizza. It’s the perfect amount of cheesy to spinach and artichoke ratio. Trust us on this one. Get the recipe here.
Slow Cooker Deep Dish Pizza Chicago Style
Photo and recipe via A Spicy Perspective 
Low on time? Make all the ingredients necessary for this deep dish Chicago-style pizza and slow cook it. The end result is the perfect, doughy deep dish pizza you love. Get the recipe here.


Spicy Sausage Pizza
Photo and recipe via Baked By an Introvert 
Do you always go for the meat lover’s pizza? This one’s for you. This spicy sausage pizza takes a little over a half hour to whip up. So if you’re in a rush or starving or both, this spicy sausage pizza will get the job done. And then some. Get the recipe here.