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The show season is right around the corner! It will be here before we know it and now’s the perfect time to start planning for it! 

Whether you rodeo or show, it is important to plan out your year ahead of time. Entry due dates are going to pop out of nowhere otherwise. Planning now means less stress for you in the future! 

Write Your Goals

Start by writing out your goals. Is your goal to season your colt or to qualify for a big show? 

Find Shows and/or Show Series

Once you have successfully mapped your goals for the year, find shows that will help with achieving those. If your goal is to qualify for AQHA World, your show season is going to revolve around available AQHA shows. If your goal is to expose your colt to new experiences, you’ll be focusing on finding jackpots and fun shows. 

Map Out the Shows On a Calendar

This is where real planning comes into play! Use a calendar to write down all the shows you plan on attending. Remember to include all the entry dates for each show! Mapping out shows helps to prepare for each one, including physically and financially! 

Include Other Items on Your Show Calendar

After planning out all of your shows, write down any other important dates regarding your horses. Some include farrier appointments, vaccine due dates, when your Coggins expires, and more! This will keep you up to date so you aren’t scrambling before a show! 

Check All Your Paperwork

Before the show season starts, be sure to check that all your paperwork is in order and up to date. There is no worse feeling than trying to rush a Coggins before leaving for a show! Also, be sure to double-check any requirements for the shows and write those down! 

With great planning, it’s going to be an awesome show season!