Salt River Wild Horses Cowgirl Magazine
Courtesy of Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and Tyler Sichelski.

Perhaps some of the most well known mustangs to roam this planet, the Salt River Wild Horses have fans from around the world who have been drawn in by the mystery and beauty these animals display.

While many photographers have taken stunning pictures of the wild horses over the years which has contributed to their popularity, many of these pictures have not alluded to the battle these horses have faced in recent years.

Courtesy of Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

The Salt River Wild Horses came into the national limelight in 2015 when news stations across the country were alerted that a roundup and removal of these horses was being negotiated.

The press ran with the story and it spread like wildfire; all of the sudden, thousands of people were protesting removing the Salt River horses from their native home.

In response to the protests and outcry over the roundup, it was delayed and then later canceled. A new bill was born following these events, the HB2340, that has made it illegal to harass the wild horses.

Courtesy of Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

According to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, the horses are not out of the woods yet as there are still loopholes in legislation. A fear among the management group is that the Agriculture Department may decide to control the population of the Salt River horses and pursue the idea of partial removal, due to the fact that they have not yet been authorized to use humane fertility control which would be the best solution in allowing all of the horses to remain in their homeland.

Courtesy of Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

In the meantime, the good fight to keep these horses on their native soil continues on and it does so with the help of many dedicated individuals who keep the horses safe.

If you’re interested in becoming a guardian and donating to help make a lasting difference in the lives of the Salt River horses, click here.