Regular sunglasses block horizontal and vertical rays of UV light. Seems good enough, until you think about the rays of light that are reflected off the ground or the water. Regular sunglasses aren’t designed to protect you from those rays. Polarized sunglasses, however, are built with a laminated filter that only permits vertical light to come through, virtually eliminating glare from reflected light. They are especially great for fishing, driving, skiing, and riding horses as they help keep eye strain down and visual clarity up! No need to trade in your stylish sunnies for a clunky pair, polarized lenses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.


Tom Ford Whitney Polarized Sunglasses

These sunnies will go with any outfit while delivering effortless sophistication to any outfit—even an outfit that has a little mud on it! Available at Nordstrom, $450.

Armani Exchange Polarized Aviators

For those days you’re working hard and you absolutely need to keep glare out of yours eyes, these are edgy and the adjustable nose piece means they won’t slide off your face. Available at Sunglass Hut, $115.

Dolce & Gabbana Polarized Cat Eye Floral Sunglasses

These oversized cat eye sunnies are perfect for those days you drive into town for a long lunch with friends. The gold floral embellishment on the side gives a unique look that you can’t find anywhere else. Available at Bloomingdales, $335.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Polarized Sunglasses

Go for a retro look in these polarized sunglasses with a cool grey lens. Available online at Ray-Ban, $200.

Zeal Optics Felicity Polarized Sunglasses

Not only are these sunnies stylishly oversized to keep the sun away, they feature a rubberized grip so they won’t slip during sweaty hikes and hard workouts. Available at Urban Outfitters, $99. 

Canby Polarized Wood Sunglasses

These sunglasses are not only polarized, but they’re crafted from sustainably sourced wood. You won’t find sunnies more unique than this. Available at Nordstrom, $185.