PC: The Morning Call……

Gun shots, irate people, and zooming traffic are just a few of the things a police horse will encounter while on the job. These horses are able to remain calm and focused on their mission, which is to protect and serve the people. While many of these horses are born with quieter temperaments, the reality is most of their calmness is trained!

Through extensive training, police horses develop the skills necessary to patrol the streets. They are taken through various obstacles that prepare them for real world experiences.

Some of the obstacles include:

  • Guns
  • Dogs
  • Bicycles
  • Fireworks
  • Protesting people
  • Umbrellas

This bombproofing will help them to become steady and dependable. They must listen to their riders no matter how chaotic the scene becomes.

Check out this video! These horses are apart of the Philadelphia Mounted Police in Pennsylvania. They’ve been in service for over 130 years!

Even everyday riders can expose their horse to some of these obstacles. It helps to desensitize and bombproof them!

Start with something simple like pool noodle. You can read more here: Crafty COWGIRL: Using Pool Noodles Around the Farm!