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Between the states of Maryland and Virginia, the feral ponies of Assateague Island roam the sandy shores. Known as the Chincoteague or Assateague ponies, depending on which state they reside, they have become quite an attraction to tourists. These hardy ponies are well-adapted to island life and have been surviving for hundreds of years. Visitors can take the Assateague Explorer’s Pony Express Nature Cruise to witness the equines in their natural habitat. The tour takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. Guests are directed onto the boat and guided to popular places along the beach. Oftentimes, you can even spot bald eagles, dolphins, and other wildlife. With around 300 ponies on the island, vacationers have a better chance of seeing them through a boat tour, rather than just driving on the road. Another option to witness these ponies firsthand, is to take the kayak tour. Similar to the boat ride, these experiences allow visitors a chance to glide around the water and locate the ponies through a smaller vessel. Make the trip an entire vacation by setting up a tent in the campgrounds or checking into a bed and breakfast or hotel. Other activities include sitting out on the beach, swimming, nature trails, fishing, visitor centers, and bus tours. Assateague Island can be fun for the whole family, regardless of their interests. There is something for everyone!