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Are you even a Disney princess if you do not have a horse as your trusty and beloved sidekick? 

As an animal lover and horse enthusiast himself, Walt Disney always made sure to include horses in his movies. The tradition has continued even into newer movies today. 

Inspire your kids to ride and love horses through these Disney classics! 

Merida from Brave

The movie Brave is full of scenes of Merida riding her black Shire, named Angus. There is an immediate sense of their bond as they run through the woods together. There is even a scene where she is ranting to him and cleaning out his stall. Princesses clean stalls, too! 

Cinderella from Cinderella

Through both the cartoon and the live-action, there is an obvious bond between Cinderella and the faithful grey, Major. The live-action movie had numerous scenes of running bridleless through fields and forests and spending time together. The cartoon has Major helping Cinderella and being the lead horse in her carriage. Fun fact: Cinderella was the first Disney princess to own a horse since Major was gifted to her after her father had passed away. Princesses can own horses, too! 

Mulan from Mulan

Mulan uses her father’s horse, Khan, a Ferghana horse, to take her into battle. Mulan trusted this horse with every inch of her as they rode through tough battles and he, in turn, trusted her. There is a scene where she calms him down. They are connected at the hip through most of the movie. Princesses can be horse crazy, too!

Rapunzel from Tangled

Maximus, an Andalusian, is the true star of the show in Tangled. We first meet him as the most loyal horse, still fulfilling his duty, even after losing his rider. With unwavering determination, he continues to search for Flinn Rider and the crown. However, once he meets Rapunzel and bonds with her, he joins their adventure. He assigned himself a new job- keeping her safe. Princesses can saddle up, too!

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Phillipe, a Belgian draft horse, is a loyal companion to Belle. Despite being scared, he trusts her and takes her back into the woods to find her father. Belle always made sure to give Philippe lots of hugs and kisses for his efforts. Princesses can ride, too!