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Recently, Poor House Ranch Designs had renovation done on their office, and the result is totally fabulous. We spoke with Poor House’s owner and designer, Taylor Wars, about the office makeover.

COWGIRL: What did your office look like before, and why did you decide to renovate/redesign?

Taylor Wars: My office space is actually a modular building that we purchased late last year. I originally moved into the space and began using it shortly after we purchased. The building came with very old carpet and very dingy wallpaper, but is the largest space that I’ve ever had for my business so I am grateful, but I had been planning on renovating since we purchased the building. With the spring events being canceled this year due to COVID-19, we decided to go ahead and make the changes to the first room of this building that I had been so looking forward to.
Taylor Wars (and some furry friends) in her renovated office space.

CG: What was your inspiration behind the office makeover?

TW: I wanted a clean, fresh, and inspiring space to be able to be more productive and feel more creative. Ultimately, I wanted to create a space that I look forward to coming to every day and working. I chose neutral, soft colors sort of as a blank canvas for my designs to be created. I tried to create as many functional decor pieces as possible by including a leather hanging wall and a couch to work on my laptop comfortably.
CG: How long did the office makeover take?
TW: Surprisingly, total demolition and reconstruction time only took seven days. My dad and I with the help of my boyfriend did the entire remodel. We completely stripped the walls of wallpaper and trim, removed the carpet and the old windows, textured the walls, added new trim and new flooring as well as finished out the big bench seat window. One of my main inspirations to share the details of this remodel was the fact that is was so easy and affordable.
CG: Tell us about the different areas of the office: the plants, the computer desk, and the designing desk.
TW: The focal point of the room is definitely the big double window that is home to all of my succulents and mini cacti that I have been collecting for several years now. I love being able to see out the window and admire all of my cactus during the day; it helps me to feel refreshed and stay productive. I have a wall dedicated to a mannequin that I am able to use to measure new designs on as well as take some photos to post on social media of new pieces.
TW: Next I have my two desks. Behind my big main desk, I have my leather hanging wall and my storage closet where I keep materials and inventory. The smaller gray desk is where I stay organized! Here is where I keep my shipping supplies, order forms, and my to do lists. Next is my grandma’s settee and coffee table where I do all of my laptop work and beside that is my snack and refreshment shelf.
Taylor at her organization desk.
CG: What is your favorite part of your new office?
TW: Without a doubt, my favorite part of my new office is my design desk. I love having my storage closet directly behind my design desk, I have a rolling cart that I can put materials I am currently using on and the leather wall directly behind my desk within arms reach keeps me productive and makes designing and making new styles much easier!
Taylor at her design desk.
CG: What can we expect from Poor House Ranch Designs this year?
TW: I can’t let every secret out just yet, but two new things I am very excited to share are a new collection of items titled Western Accessories and an NFR look book to be released this fall. I am looking forward to collaborating with brands and makers I admire and to traveling new places for photo shoots and trade shows.
Poor House Ranch Designs is a Western jewelry brand specializing in leather goods. For more information, visit