'Tis the season for foals. What will you name your cutie?……

Cowgirls, picking a name for your horse is hard! There are so many popular options. Their color, markings, breed and personality may all influence your choice. Your chestnut mare can make a good ‘Penny’, while your sassy Thoroughbred is more of a ‘Hotshot’. That name may carry on with them for life! You’ll shout it out into the field, create a stall sign and post it all over social media. A good name is essential!

Over the years, a few names have become quite popular. Some names trend for a short period and others are timeless. Check out this list to see if your horse’s name is popular this year.

  1. Trigger

  2. Muffin

  3. Lucky

  4. Harley

  5. Captain

  6. Bullet

  7. Jet

  8. Texas

  9. Flame

  10. Gypsy

What do you think? It sounds like a lot of western-type names made this list. Many of these would be perfect for a barrel racer or trail riding horse.

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