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In most Western disciplines, the rider will sit to their horse’s trot. There are a few occasions where posting will be encouraged and almost necessary. In order to be a versatile rider, it’s important you learn how to do it correctly.

Why Do Riders Post?

There are a few reasons some riders prefer to post on their western horse. The first is because their horse has a bumpy or uncomfortable trot. Instead of being bounced around, a rider can rise and fall with their horse’s outside shoulder to make the gait more pleasant. This is also easier on the horse’s back.

Another reason for posting is to lengthen the trot. It can encourage your horse to move out more freely. They will lower their head and extend their gait in rhythm with you.

In some classes like Western dressage and ranch riding, a posting trot is acceptable. A sitting trot is usually preferred in most Western disciplines, so make sure you know how to do both!

How to Master It!

The best way to learn how to post is to watch it and try it for yourself. Let this video tutorial help you visualize what to do. You’ll need to carefully observe your horse’s shoulders when riding.

Practice makes perfect. You got this!