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We’ve all been there… burned by a guy with a J name. Dani Taylor‘s new single “Jim Jack or Jose” deals with just that! She never thought so many people could relate to the infamous J name curse, but we’re so glad she made an empowering anthem. We’ve got a special first look at the official lyric video so you can single along for the J names who’ve done you wrong!

“I am grateful that the first time I wrote about my true life story that so many could relate and feel empowered by my message. It’s not you, it’s because he has a J name,” Dani shares with a wink.

Sing along to the lyric video here:

The chorus is going to be stuck in our heads in no time and we’re not mad about it! “But I’ll take my chances on Jim / I’ll go out drinking with him // The only man I’ll ever chase is Jack / Cuz he’s just hot like that… // Jose’s got me laughin’ and cryin’ / Dancing on tables and buyin’ / everybody a shot in this place // Here’s a shot to better taste // I don’t trust boys with names that start with J, unless they’re Jim, Jack or Jose.”

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