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Poured paint work done by Twisted Treasures……

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Twisted Treasures creates granite and marble out of thin air with poured PAINT! Poured paint is an inexpensive way to redo your countertops and make them look twice as good! The coffee table above was sanded down, repainted white, and the topper was made to look like grey rainforest granite!
Paint work done by Twisted Treasures
This kitchen was taken completely to the next level and everything except the backslash is ALL thanks to a little bit of paint. The cabinets and walls were refinished and then the countertops now look like you dropped loads of money on granite when you really didn’t!
Paint work done by Twisted Treasures
This bathroom sink went from 1970’s pink power to a sleek and classic marble-looking beauty.
Paint work done by Twisted Treasures
Another kitchen to showcase! The laminate grey is gone and has been replaced with something much prettier. Have you seen the furniture Twisted Treasures refinishes?!