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The Wildflower Collection from Prairie Sky Jewelry Co is here! Can you believe these jewels actually have flowers inside of them?!

“My first experience pressing flowers is one of the most clear memories of my childhood. With grape soda in hand, I was led by one of the neighbor moms around her little flower garden as we plucked perfectly imperfect blooms to carefully place between the pages of the many books in her home. At six years old, I was completely enraptured by this careful, delicate, beautiful process. There’s a magic in a slow afternoon spent doing things simply because they’re beautiful. A contentment in walking slowly and moving carefully as you gather flowers so delicate they could shred like paper in your hands. This collection is my attempt to, twenty years later, recapture the feelings of those innocent days of childhood spent picking flowers in the summer breeze. So much of life as an entrepreneur is spent in a rush to accomplish or to conquer and honestly that drive is all at once invigorating and soul-crushing. It doesn’t take long for a fresh perspective to be dulled by the mimicry of others, so I got to a point where I felt so protective and defensive of my work that I didn’t WANT to share it. This collection feels different to me. This collection is me. It’s not something that can be replicated because it is exactly who I am. I am summer breezes and yellow flowers and rosy cheeks. It feels like magic to look at the whole world and say, “hey – this is ME” and have them respond as beautifully as they have, but it’s even more magical to make pieces so true to my core. I will forever be thankful for the response to my Wildflower Collection and fully intend to continue adding to the collection as long as there are flowers to press. If you need me, I’ll be in a field somewhere picking blooms for the next round.

“Prairie Sky Jewelry Co updates are every Thursday at 6pm CST. Follow along on Instagram for behind-the-scenes peeks and news on upcoming works. The Wildflower Collection uses dried & pressed flowers from small farms (including the Prairie Sky Homestead) carefully set in resin, then combined with turquoise and sterling silver in a completely fresh take on floral jewelry.” -Kenyon Lomax

There are actual FLOWERS paired with these stones!

You can never go wrong with turquoise! And it’s gorgeous next to that bright orange!

Or do you prefer more natural colored tones?

These simple studs are jaw-dropping!

Soooooo many choices!

Which one would you choose?!

The creator, Kenyon Lomax, says, “I have huge dreams for this concept and am excited it resonates with you. This collection really feels like the embodiment of Prairie Sky for me because it is both the Prairie and the Sky together in one design.”

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