The way to my heart is definitely jewelry…of the turquoise variety of course! Prairie Sky Jewelry Co has some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen!

Whitney, of Western Couture, was featured in one of my blogs a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with the hat pins she wore! Prairie Sky ended up reaching out to me, and thank goodness they did!

Even with such a beautiful hat as a statement piece, the jewelry is still the focal point of this look. Just something about the muted tones of the clothing and then the loud, turquoise pops screams, “Add me to your collection!” Don’t mind if I do!

I LOVE this huge, chunky squash paired with the dainty, petite pendant. This is a must have for every jewelry lover!

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. This three-tiered bangle is absolutely gorgeous. You can let it shine on its own like shown above, or you can add more to it for a statement.

Here is the gold mine, ladies! This photo is what I first noticed from Prairie Sky. How can you not LOVE these hat pins? Take a look at the collaboration they were featured in here!