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Photos courtesy of @snapshotsofamemoryweatherford via @sheafishermusic……

Praise Royal Durfey is looking cute as can be with her unicorn! This precious girl is the apple of her mama and daddy’s eye, along with baby sister, Risyn Breeze, of course! Tyson and Shea Durfey will definitely have their hands full with these two beautiful little girls!

Photos courtesy of @snapshotsofamemoryweatherford via @sheafishermusic

Every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl at some point in their life!

Photos courtesy of @snapshotsofamemoryweatherford via @sheafishermusic

Look at all that personality!

Photos courtesy of @snapshotsofamemoryweatherford via @sheafishermusic

These are sweet moments that the Durfey Family can treasure forever. Shea said on Instagram, “OMG! I am in heaven! How cute are these Unicorn pics that @snapshotsofamemoryweatherford did for us! Praise & her unicorn pony, Peanut, look darling. If you live near Brock, TX, she is shooting more unicorn pics during May with Peanut. DM her!”

Photos courtesy of @snapshotsofamemoryweatherford. 

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