Courtesy of Preston Johnson……

Preston Johnson restored an old PRCA truck and it’s simply amazing!

“I first started talking about restoring this truck about 8 years ago. I’d talk about it for a while, then I’d get busy and forget about it. After having to listen to me rattle on for 5 years, Shoney got fed up, called the paint shop and told me I had to have it torn apart in 2 weeks! I foolishly thought I could have it torn down, put back together and finished in less than 6 months…… that was almost 3 years ago.

Courtesy of Preston Johnson

“Because I’m about halfway OCD I wanted it just like it was originally, right down to the mud flaps. I thought my graphic guy was going to strangle me because the PRCA decals and font had to be exactly perfect. I’ve chased pinstripes, lights, lenses, clips and after 3 years of work here is the finished product! My grandad got to see it for the first time this morning and it put big grin on his face, it’s just like he remembered it! The only thing it needs now is a bottle of Old Charter Whiskey under the seat for Bern and Sarge.” -Preston Johnson, B Bar J Custom Designs

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