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Prefab Horse Barn Kits You’ll Love


Prefab Horse Barn Kits You’ll Love These steel horse barns are both gorgeous and affordable!

Prefab Horse Barn

PC: Metal Buildings Outlet Corp.

Steel and prefab barns are popular options for those looking to put horses on their property. Prefabricated barns are constructed before arrival and come nearly complete. They usually come in sections that can be completed as a DIY project or by a professional.

Prefab and steel buildings can cost as little as $6,000 for a shell and go as high as $40,000+ for a mid-sized barn. The variance in price makes them an attractive option. Those with a small budget can buy a shell and build the inside over time. These buildings are designed to last! They’re great investments.

Prefab Horse Barn

PC: M Building Homes.

This barn is stunning! Prefab stables come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs.

Prefab Horse Barn

PC: General Steel Buildings.

Barn kits can be customized with little details. Take a look at these adorable lights! What a nice touch.

Prefab Horse Barn

PC: General Steel Buildings.

Who says they have to be all steel? Some kits include wooden stall fronts, as seen above.

Prefab Horse Barn

PC: Precise Buildings.

Could your horse be content in this barn? It has large sliding doors, a wide center aisle, and stalls with double access doors.

If you’re looking to build, consider a prefab barn!

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