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Barrel Racing has its up and downs, but for now Lakken Bice has been riding out a long winning streak. It started with winning multiple rounds at the College National Finals Rodeo. Which shot her into the short go, then placing top ten in the average. She went on to have multiple success in the Pro Rodeo arena, making great runs at Cheyenne during Frontier Days, and winning Pro Rodeos around her circuit.

Now she is prepping for the Badlands Circuit Finals that will be held October 8th-10th, in Minot, North Dakota. She has been hitting some indoor pens and stopping the clock in the 1D most recently at “West Fest” in Rapid City, South Dakota, where she was 3rd in the average. 

She has the horse power to back her ambitions too; Lakken rides Pepnics French Gal (Six Moons Guy x Pepinics Miss Peppy (Pepinics Master)) AKA “Star” a 2012 model mare. As well as Colour Me Gone (Hot Colours x French Wild Heart (Frenchmans Guy)) AKA “Caliente” a 2012 model gelding. “I am not 100% sure who I will be running at the Circuit Finals because both of them have been running great and feeling good,” says Bice.

This year things have been different for Lakken, as she is freshly graduated from college and will be pursuing her Pro Rodeo career as a main priority. She has also been enjoying the fact that rodeo has been a family event for the Bice’s. “It’s super fun now having my youngest brother finally old enough that we get to all go and experience the same rodeos together again… It’s something we can all enjoy together and I love seeing people I care about be successful just as much as I like being there myself,” she says.

We’re excited to see where Lakken, and her band of fast footed horses, go in the near future. High hopes that she has some major success given her hard work and dedication inside and out of the arena.