Unfortunately, as horse owners, we know colic and digestive problems are all too familiar. Prevent them today with a few of our favorite digestive supplements to keep your horses looking and feeling their best!

Sand Clear Natural Psyllium Crumbles


$75.99 on Amazon

Sand colic is unfortunately all too common, especially if you live in sandy, dusty conditions or feed on the ground. Relieve sand impactions naturally and comfortably for your horse to prevent sand colic before it’s too late. These pellets are deliciously flavored and so easy to add to your horse’s diet!

Psyllium Fiber Blend Oil

Equss International

$40.21 on Amazon

Adding fiber and nutrients to your horse’s diet has never been easier! This natural, mineral-based oil is perfect to slip into your horse’s diet. So easy, even your pickiest of eaters won’t even notice!

Anipsyll Natural Dietary Fiber Supplement 


$113.87 on Amazon

Fiber is so, so important to any diet and a necessity to keep your horse feeling great from the inside out! This all-around supplement is the perfect addition to any horse’s diet and digestive health!

30 Digestive Support

Silver Lining Herbs

$72.00 on Amazon

Creating a healthy, balanced digestion system is crucial to preventing colic! Supporting a balanced, healthy digestive system starts with clean, natural herbs and minerals. This blend is truly the perfect supplement for solving digestive issues!

17 Kolik Eaz

Silver Lining Herbs

$16.00 on Amazon

Be ready to fight colic symptoms at the first sign, no matter where you are! This paste is packed full of herbs and minerals to fight colic at the first sign of symptoms. This taste is a must-have for every tack room and trailer!

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