Photos courtesy of @westerngringa on Instagram……

The Western Gringra recently shared her recipe for her favorite smoothie- a prickly pear smoothie! How perfect is that for cowgirls!? 

Photo courtesy of @westerngringa

The Recipe

• “1 1/4 cup frozen fruit (I used strawberries, mango, & papaya)”

• “2 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt”

• “2 tablespoons honey”

• “Quarter cup of prickly pear syrup (either made from pears at home OR store bought syrup – but make sure the syrup is natural and the Ingredients clearly read ‘prickly pear’ – this one has prickly pear, sugar, and lime!)”

• “Half a cup of milk (I use oat but any will work!)”

• “OPTIONAL- add 1.5 shots of agave tequila to get a little kick out of it ;)”

“Blend blend blend and serve!”

Photo courtesy of @westerngringa

Click here for the prickly pear syrup she uses!