So you’re going to the WNFR for the entire time? Awesome! You’re going to have SO much fun! You’ve got to get past the big obstacle though…PACKING! Check out these pro packing tips to help make your trip out there as easy as possible!

Take only the biggest pieces of luggage! And honestly, the next time you buy luggage, don’t buy the 3-piece set! When’s the last time you’ve even used that teeny-tiny rolling suitcase? Just buy two of the large rolling suitcases to have more space! Make sure they are the spinner wheels too. Those kind are so much easier to get around with!

Also, hat cans save lives! Well, kind of. Traveling with hats is HARD, and if you’re a hat addict you’ve probably got more than one! You don’t want to be scurrying around trying to find a shaper to touch up all of your hats the very first morning!

Garment boxes are a huge help! You’ve got your suitcase for your daytime outfits and a garment box from U-Haul or U-Line for your nighttime outfits. Dresses, skirts, coats, and items that just do better hanging up are what you should put in the garment box!

Making the trip in more than one day? An overnight bag will make your life SO much easier! Think about it. Your suitcases are huge and probably heavy, which means they will be at the bottom of the pile! You don’t want to have to drag them out when you get to the hotel and have to unpack your big bags, especially if you need to get into both bags. Pack the essentials and a change of comfy clothes or two in your overnight bag.

Don’t forget a backpack to keep near you on the road trip! Snacks, iPad, chargers, and everything to keep you entertained on that long drive will definitely come in handy.

If you’re flying out there, I highly recommend shipping anything you can! Trying to travel with that much through the airport can be a hassle. Can you imagine what a nightmare it would be if the airport lost anything?

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