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One of the first skills you learn as an equestrian is how to lead a horse. It’s important you put yourself in a safe position. You’ll want to avoid getting stepped on or your horse dragging you. This basic skill is also necessary for many other things like turning your horse out or loading them into a trailer.

Steps for Leading a Horse

Equine specialist, Karl Hoopes from Utah State University Extension shares how to properly lead a horse.

  • Maintain a couple of feet distance away from your horse.
  • Never loop or coil the rope. You don’t want your hand to get stuck in it.
  • Don’t have a lot of excess in your rope. It shouldn’t drag the ground.
  • Walk along the side of the horse, not the front.
  • When you walk your horse should follow next to you.
  • The horse should be aware of where you’re at.
  • They should stop when you stop.
  • Keep the rope in front of you as you walk.

Check out this video for more information and to see a demonstration of the proper technique.

It can be helpful for even experienced horsewomen to brush up on their leading skills. You don’t want to get lazy, as this can cause accidents.