If you have enough land, you may be tempted to bring your horses home. Many riders dream of having horses in their backyard. The alternative is boarding, which comes with its own pros and cons. Make sure to thoroughly think it through before you take the plunge!

Pros of Keeping Horses at Home

  • You can offer them personalized care. You’re in charge of how much they eat, when they go out, wear a fly sheet, etc…
  • No more driving anywhere. It’s super convenient!
  • You can see your horse anytime you want.
  • You’re free to make changes to the barn as you see fit. Some examples include selecting the arena footing, fencing, stall design, and pasture size.
  • You can save money. Some areas have very expensive boarding fees.
  • You’ll have a quiet, drama-free barn all to yourself.
  • The chores will keep you fit and healthy. They give you an excuse to get outside and move around.

Cons of Horses in Your Backyard

  • You might not have the amenities of a fancier boarding barn, such as an indoor arena or wash stall.
  • Your horse’s care is an everyday job. You’ll need a horse sitter to vacation.
  • Chores can be time consuming. In fact, you’ll likely spent more time cleaning instead of riding.
  • Barn repairs can be expensive.
  • No barn friends to connect or ride with.
  • You can’t just have one horse. They’ll need a companion!

The decision is very personal! You’ll have to decide which option makes more sense for your lifestyle.