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Oftentimes, forage like grass and hay are not enough for your horse’s diet. Sweet feeds and pellets are introduced for extra minerals and vitamins. Known as concentrates, these grains address deficiencies, boost performance horses, and support pregnant mares. They do come with some drawbacks though. It’s important you know the pros and cons!

Pros of Sweet Feed

  • Great source of energy, fats, and protein
  • Even picky horses usually like the taste of sweet feed
  • It’s convenient- easy to feed and readily available at stores
  • Relatively cheap to buy
  • Makes it easier to give your horse supplements and medications

Cons of This Food

  • High in sugar and starch, which can be bad for your horse’s glucose levels
  • Many horses get too energetic or “hot”
  • Molasses can mold and spoil over time
  • Higher risk of laminitis on it
  • Some researchers suggest it can lead to obesity and nail problems

There are many concentrates on the market. You’ll need to talk with your equine nutritionist and evaluate your horse, in order to make the best decision of which one to feed.