Cowgirl - Back On Track

On those strenuous rides, don’t risk the welfare of your horse’s legs. Back On Track has designed a new series of their leg protection products. Ceramic particles are melted into the threads of the boots, which utilize heat radiation. This ultimately improves circulation in the legs and relieves muscle tension. With their products, you’ll notice greater performance from your horse.
Back On Track’s new products are designed to offer support and protection, while reducing and soothing pain. You’re bound to find the right boots for your horse!
Cowgirl - Back On TrackThe Royal Ankle Boots are intended for the hind legs. Designed with ceramic Welltex fabric and thick, soft neoprene, the boots promise to improve blood circulation. They retail for $44.00 as a pair.
Offering essential protection to the front leg’s tendons, the Royal Tendon Boots (Open Front) are especially important during hard workouts. You can avoid a potentially devastating strike from the hind hooves. They are engineered with a laminated outer casing and neoprene interior. Like the ankle boots, Welltex ceramic materials are infused in the fabric. For the pair, expect to pay $83.00.
These boots protect the cannon bones, tendons, and soft tissues. Perfect for flat riding, The Royal Work Boots have elastic straps and brass buckles to ensure a secure fit. The lightweight design makes them easy to apply. They retail for $95.00 as a pair.

Protecting the inner parts of the leg, Back On Track’s Splint Boots are available in small, medium, or large. The 3D outer mesh layer allows the boots to be breathable. They cost $69.00 for the pair.
Back On Track offers more than just leg protection. The healing properties will allow your horse to feel his absolute best. They are a product that should be in every barn!