PC: PF Wonder Salve

Most horse owners have dealt with various cuts and wounds. Nature usually has a way of healing them. However, things can become problematic when proud flesh, or exuberant granulation tissue, begins to form. It’s basically excessive growth of tissues and vessels. You’ll want to put a stop to it right away!

What is proud flesh?

As mentioned, it’s the overgrowth of normal tissue. It can be identified as rough and red in appearance. Furthermore, it commonly occurs on the lower leg. Wounds that are left open and not sutured are more likely to develop this condition.

Can it be prevented?

The best way to ensure proud flesh doesn’t begin forming is to consult a vet on how to effectively treat the wound. You’ll want to keep the area clean and free from infection. Most lower leg cuts will benefit from being wrapped. In addition, limit your horse’s movement to allow the wound a chance to close up. You may need to keep them in a stall or small paddock.

What can be done?

It’s important to catch proud flesh early on. In some mild cases, an ointment can be applied and the wound wrapped with a bandage. This process can reduce the granulation tissue growth and allow for normal healing. PF Wonder Salve ($23.97$59.00) is an effective option.

Unfortunately, in severe cases a vet may have to surgically remove the excess tissue. Proud flesh will begin to bulge from the wound when left untreated.

Make sure to be proactive when treating any cuts or wounds on your horse.