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All photos courtesy of Sheyanne Pedersen on Facebook...……


To keep in the holiday spirit, check out these western themed pumpkins. Who knows you might even find some inspiration to do some last minute pumpkin carving, yourself!

We’ve all sang the song “Cowboy” by Kid Rock at the top of our lungs once or twice, but believe us when we say it, this pumpkin just wants to “be a cowboy, baby”.

If this pumpkin doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping this Halloween we don’t know what will! This one is going 90 or nothin’, try and keep up!

WHOA! This one is a run away! You better hold on tight if you want to keep up with this kind of talented pumpkin carving!

And, of course what would Halloween be without a classic buckin’ horse?! As Dale Brisby would say, “you ain’t no cowboy (or COWGIRL)” if you ain’t rockin’ a buckin’ horse pumpkin, this Halloween!

Stay spooky and stay western this Halloween and don’t forget to do some pumpkin carving!

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