A purse by Pure Dixie will change the way a cowgirl stays organized!

If you haven’t seen these purses from Pure Dixie yet, you are going to absolutely lose it!

I don’t know about y’all, but for me it’s a constant struggle trying to figure out what purse to take somewhere.

If I’m going somewhere, I usually want to take my big bag to have everything with me “just in case,” but I also don’t want to be stuck lugging it around if I decide I don’t need it. So leave it in the car and not be able to take anything? Or take the whole bag? Well ladies, the problem is now solved!

How cute is that? It’s the perfect size tote; it’ll fit everything in it that you need. Plus, it has fringe!

Oh but wait…what is this magic?

The small attachment comes off and can be carried as a cross body if you decide you don’t need the whole thing!

And don’t forget to ask about special colors!