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Cleaning stalls is a major part of owning a horse. It makes up numerous hours of horse care. But between you and me, it can be boring doing it day in and day out, doing the same old thing. Here’s a few ways to add some fun to your daily chores! 

  • Listen to music. There’s nothing stopping you from having your own concert and jam session in the middle of your stall! It’s the best way to have fun. Next thing you know, you’re singing into your pitchfork! 
  • Put an audiobook on. Catch up on your reading by listening to audiobooks as you clean stalls. Killing two birds with one stone, isn’t that what they say? 
  • Learn a language. While you have your earbuds in, might as well learn a language! There are numerous apps or podcasts out there that help you to learn a second language. If you think about it, you’re spending at least 15 minutes a day cleaning stalls. That’s 15 minutes of practice time for a language! 
  • Listen to some podcasts. Podcasts have been all the rage in the recent years and we know why- they’re amazing! Not only can you learn something new, but time goes by quicker. It feels as though you’re right there with the hosts, having a conversation! 
  • Speaking of having a conversation – call someone! Now’s the time to catch up on those phone calls you have to make! 

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