When you buy a horse, you take it for a test ride. It should be no different with your feed or supplements. Before you make a long-term decision for your horse, test it first.

Purina has created the Test R.I.D.E. for this very reason. It’s a supplement and feed evaluation process that will help you determine which nutritional solutions are best for your horse.

When looking at a product, evaluate four key areas: Research, Ingredients, Dose, and Efficacy. It’s the process for every Purina product taken to market.

RESEARCH: Does peer-reviewed research exist in horses for the specific ingredients and formula?
INGREDIENTS: Do these ingredients make sense? Are there key ingredients related to the purpose of the supplement of feed included? Is the product free of prohibited substances as defined by equestrian sport organizations?
DOSE: Is the feeding rate appropriate for the size and weight of your horse? Are the listed ingredients included in an effective amount?
EFFICACY: Can you see or feel the difference when your horse is eating the feed or supplement? Does it deliver the desired effects?

Put Purina’s Feed To The Test:

The trial program provides you with the tools, nutrition, education, and assistance to help you and your horse have a successful experience with Purina. You’ll receive a Buy One Get One (BOGO) coupon for feed (up to $20 off) and they’ll guide you through a 60-day trial.

Find The Right Product For Your Horse:

Purina has a range of industry-leading equine products for nearly every discipline and life stage. View all Purina horse feeds here.

Need help selecting the right feed? Purina offers several tools to help:

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