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Every motivated cowgirl needs a vision board in their sights!

The concept behind vision boards is to visually represent all you want to accomplish. With the new year, now is as good as time as any to create one!

You can create one digitally on your laptop or phone or physically by printing pictures and cutting out magazine clippings.

How to Start

  1. Decide the time frame of your goals: one year, five years or ten years
  2. Write down all of your goals
  3. Decide what media you are going to use and find the supplies for it (i.e. glue, scissors, downloading an app, etc.)
  4. Collect pictures and quotes to represent those goals

What to Include

  • The goals you wrote down
  • Pictures of awards you hope to win
  • Pictures of places you hope to go to
  • Pictures of people who inspire you
  • Items you plan to afford
  • Fitness, career, personal growth, etc. inspiration
  • Daily affirmations

Vision boards are made by you, for you! They’re open for your interpretation and can have whatever you want on it!

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