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Biggest complaint about country music today, well it’s just not country anymore. But one girl, and her country roots, has plans to walk all over the country music charts. Jenna Paulette is a Texas raised gal, that is hell bent to bring country back into the music scene.

Jenna grew up in Lewisville, Texas, on her family’s cow-calf operation. She is no stranger to hard work and has a love for the Western Industry. “Along with the ranch came a lot of inspiration and creativity that took my very natural inclination towards music,” says Paulette.

From a little girl she took a liking to 90’s country, and decided to base her career off of that sound. She decided to incorporate the lessons she learned growing up and the sound she appreciated in old country to make her version of a tune. “Country music always was the soundtrack to my days in the pasture, my drives in a truck, my first kisses and heartbreaks.”

Her career has taken off rapidly. But with the change in the world given coronavirus, she has had to fight an already tough start in her career. She has managed to pull through the past year from pure COWGIRL stubbornness. “I have 11 songs out right now, I am signed with Sea Gayle Publishing on the songwriting side.”

Her number one hit is “Country In the Girl” “It’s probably so popular because it’s “the people’s song”. It’s the song that gave me direction and became my boldest statement about who I am, and where I am heading,” she says. “My favorite song I’ve recorded isn’t out yet to the public yet, but will be making its way shortly.”

Jenna has moved to Nashville, Tennessee, almost full time so she can continue her progress in the industry. She still manages to spend some time at her family ranch in Texas because it is where her heart is happiest. She has big plans for the future, and has high hopes to continue to produce music.

Jenna enjoys being the face for the Western industry and supporting the beef market. One day, Jenna wants to continue her family history and be in the beef market herself.