Brady Jandreau in “The Rider.”

Not many people act out their own life on screen, but that is precisely what Brady Jandreau does in “The Rider.”

The movie, which is being hailed as the best indie film of the year, revolves around Brady, a bronc rider that’s told that his rodeo days are over after a serious riding accident. “The Rider” portrays Brady’s struggles and triumphs as he seeks meaning without bronc riding and searches for a new identity.

I talked with Brady last week to discuss why audiences feel a strong connection with the film, differences and similarities between his life as a rodeo star and on the movie circuit, and where life is taking the young cowboy next.

Q: Why do you feel that audiences have connected so strongly with this film?
It’s relatable. It’s not just a movie about cowboys, it’s a movie about people. It also brings out the identities in horses.

Q: Are there similarities between the rodeo circuit and the film festival circuit?
The film festival circuit is a metaphorical bronc ride. It’s very similar because there’s still plenty of things to do, and many people to meet.

Q: Where is life taking you next?
I am continuing horse breeding and training. My wife and I own a performance horse company, Jandreau Performance Horses. We breed American Quarter Horses, and train horses in a variety of disciplines, including mounted shooting.

Q: What is a personal quote that resonates with you?
Natural horsemanship is always an option.

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