Cowgirls love their barrel horses. This exciting sport takes a lot of determination and guts from both rider and horse! If you’ve thought about getting involved in barrel racing than you’ll need a suitable horse for the job. It takes a lot more than just a quick horse. Here’s six qualities found in champion barrel horses:

  1. A horse that has a whoa: If he can’t remain calm in the chute than you’re in for a rocky road. Make sure to teach him some patience before you drill speed and running.
  2. A pleasing attitude: He should give it his all! A horse that is disciplined and has a strong work ethic will be better than a grumpy or lazy horse.
  3. Balanced neck: The length of the neck shouldn’t be too short or long. This will help him balance around the turns better.
  4. Muscular hindquarters: Correctly built up hindquarters will give him the necessary power to move quickly, but too much will make it hard for him to maneuver around the turns.
  5. Even face: Large, wide set eyes help him to see better, while large nostrils allow him to take in more oxygen. An even face and head will provide better upper balance.
  6. Good angles: The pasterns should be an even length. The hooves, knees, and shoulders must line up. Long, sloping shoulders and hips help allow for powerful turns.

Many people focus on breed, height, gender, and age, but these points are not nearly as important as the way the horse is built and his temperament. The most important thing is to determine your goals in barrel racing and pick a quality horse that can meet your needs.