Kids Horse

Kid's Horse

Let the horse shopping begin! Finding the ideal kid’s horse or pony can be quite the challenge. These early riding experiences can really shape their future as an equestrian. You’ll want to keep a lookout for certain qualities when scanning the market. Whether your child is a beginner or advanced rider, the perfect fit is essential!

1. Good temperament: A kid’s horse should be easy going and calm. Be weary of excitable horses or those that show aggression. This horse shouldn’t blow up or panic when your child makes a mistake.

2. Lots of miles: Depending on your child’s age and experience level, you may want a bomb-proof, quiet as they come horse. Older youth riders may crave a little spunk, but, either way, the horse should be experienced. The horse must know their way around the arena or trails. Let a trainer do the first few years under saddle, not your child.

3. Size match: Don’t buy a pony too small for your quickly growing rider or a gigantic horse for your tiny tot. You want your child to be able to tack and groom their own horse, but they shouldn’t outgrow their mount in a year or two either.

4. Older is okay: Especially for beginners, an older horse may be perfect. They could be that calm, steady horse you need! Their years of experience might give your child the best of memories. There’s no need to get a flashy horse when your child is just learning to walk and trot.

It’s a great idea to enlist the help of your kid’s instructor. Let them assist you in weeding through the horses that won’t be a good match!

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