Horse owners are a special bunch. No matter what it takes, equestrians will make sure their animals are well cared for. Check out this list of five qualities and see if you fit the bill.

Qualities of Horse Owners

1. Dedicated: Taking care of horses isn’t easy. They require a lot of time and money. Most folks accept these requirements as part of the package deal. The grunt work may be difficult, but riding makes it all worthwhile. Long hours and all types of weather quickly sort out the true equestrians from the fakes. You better expect to make sacrifices if you own a horse.

2. Responsible: Horses depend on their owners. Because of their domestication, a horse is no longer able to fend for themselves. They need regular vet and farrier care, food, exercise, and grooming. Are you prepared to take on all of that work? A true equestrian gladly does it for her furry best friend!

3. Patient: Most owners know that horses don’t work on a time schedule. They seem to fight you harder when rushed. You have to be willing to slow down and wait for the reward. The process is usually very fulfilling though!

4. Confident: They’re big and strong! Riding and even handling a 1,200 pound animal is intimidating. You must be confident in your abilities. Horses can sense fear. They thrive on assertive leadership!

5. Compassionate: A good equestrian wants a partnership. They work with their horse to achieve goals. It’s not just about what the rider wants. They must put their horse’s welfare above their own desires.

Does this describe you? Don’t worry if not, horses have the ability to transform lives. In time, you’ll be just as dedicated and loyal as anyone else.

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