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The Quarter Horse is loved by ranchers and rodeo riders for their incredible speed and trainability. These horses are fast! In fact, they got their name from excelling at the 1/4 mile race. What’s makes them so fast?

The Speed of Quarter Horses

This breed is celebrated for their speed. They have clocked in at quick bursts of up to 55 mph. They’re one of the fastest horses on the quarter-mile. This comes from their unique conformation, including:

  • A well-balanced body
  • Thick girth
  • Neck comes out of their body at a 45 degree angle
  • Straight, powerful legs
  • Muscular built
  • Strong hindquarters

Their hindquarters are so strong that they can not only run fast, but also stop and turn on a dime.

Check out this short clip on the breed from Nature on PBS:

It’s not just their bodies… The Quarter Horse is very trainable and they enjoy pleasing their owners. This breed is incredible in every way!