Breakaway ropers, team ropers, and barrel racers all collided on the bricks of the Fort Worth Stockyards November 12 -14 for payouts exceeding a quarter of a million dollars!

With over $65,000 in added money, The Cowgirl Gathering exceeded the 2020 payouts to cowgirls in three different disciplines.

All-Girl Team Roping

The Charlie One Horse All-Girl Team Roping paid out $66,500 in less than 8 hours of competition. Open Champions, Bailey Gubert and Lorraine Moreno split $10,400 with a time of 29.45 on 4 head. The 9.5 Champions, Courtney Sanders and Kinley Ann Urbanovsky, took home $15,000 with a time of 24.75.

Breakaway Roping

More than 110 breakaway ropers showed up at the Cowtown Coliseum to take a run at $21,500 in added money. The Cowgirl Magazine Breakaway Roping had a total payout of $62,570. The Open Champion Martha Angelone left the arena with $11,729 after winning first and second in the first round, first in the second round, fourth in the short round, and first in the average. Alee Andrews took home $6,120 as the Challenger Champion, placing in all three rounds and winning the average.

Barrel Racing

Known to be the biggest one-day barrel race in Texas and speculated as the same in the United States, The Platinum Performance Barrel Race saw 922 entries resulting in a payout of over $121,000. Taking home a check of $5,924, a custom buckle, a classic equine saddle pad, and a pair of Durango boots was the champion of the 1D, Shae Franklin of Orange, TX.

2D Champion – Rylee Grace Abel – $4,936

3D Champion – Brooke Jordan – $3,949

4D Champion – Karen Coskrey – $2,962

5D Champion – Kristi Fleshman – $1,975

The Cowgirl Gathering exceeded expectations for its second year running. Be sure to keep up with the 2022 event plans by following along on social media at @thecowgirlgathering.

Questions? Contact Steven HayesMegan McMullen, or call (817) 222-6432.

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About The Cowgirl Gathering

The Cowgirl Gathering is a celebration in the heart of Fort Worth, designed to showcase spectacular, inspirational women from all walks of life who embody the spirit of the American Cowgirl. Whether you are a competitor or just want to experience the spark of that cowgirl essence, the Cowgirl Gathering is your event.

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