Courtesy of @shaniatwain……

“I am unbelievably excited to announce ‘Queen Of Me’ – the new album and tour.

“These days, I’m feeling very comfortable in my own skin – and I think this album reflects that musically. Life is short and I want to be uplifted, colorful, unapologetic and empowered. I want to carry a clear message, particularly as a woman, to always remember my power and I hope the songs are a reminder to you, of that same power inside you!

“I want to celebrate this new chapter with you all on my tour! Vegas has been a dream, but I’m ready to be on the road and sing with you, dance with you and have a kick ass night out with you! This one’s gonna be a big party – no inhibitions, no conditions, let’s get a little out of line!!

“I’ll be Queen Of Me – you be Queen of YOU! 👑” –@shaniatwain

Queen Of Me is available to pre-order now, coming February 3rd 2023.
The Queen Of Me Tour goes on sale November 4th, 10am local time.

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