Buying Horse

Buying a new horse is an exciting adventure! Whether it’s your first horse or your fifth, you should always come prepared with a list of questions to ask the seller. Use these questions as a starting point to make sure you get all the information you need!

Top Questions to Ask

  1. How old is the horse?
  2. What is their breed?
  3. How tall are they?
  4. Are they a mare, gelding, or stallion?
  5. Are they registered? If so, are papers available?
  6. What is the horse’s bloodlines?
  7. Can you describe their personality?
  8. What level rider would you suggest?
  9. How much training have they had?
  10. Can they load in a trailer?
  11. How are their ground manners?
  12. Who trained them?
  13. What is the horse used for?
  14. Do they wear shoes?
  15. Are you willing to release vet records?
  16. Are they current on shots, worming, and dental care?
  17. Do they have any vices or bad habits?
  18. Does the horse get along with others?
  19. How long have your owned them?
  20. Why are you selling the horse?

Each situation will be unique, but these questions are a great starting point when evaluating a new horse.