There are many valid reasons to hire a horse shipper. You could be changing barns, moving to a new state, or attending a show. Even if you have your own horse trailer, many enlist the help of a commercial hauler for longer trips. Before you sign the contract, make sure you ask your shipper some important questions about the trip!

Shipper Questions

  1. Are you a licensed hauler?
  2. What are your drivers’ qualifications?
  3. How large is the rig?
  4. Will my horse be insured?
  5. Do you have box stalls, stalls in a half, or standing stalls available?
  6. Will my horse be tied?
  7. Will there be a layover?
  8. If so, is the cost of stabling and food included in the quote?
  9. How often will you stop?
  10. How many horses will be on the trailer?
  11. How often will they be watered?
  12. Is there space for tack?
  13. Can I contact someone en route?
  14. What happens in the event my horse needs vet care?
  15. Do you require a deposit?
  16. Do you have references?

If your horse has special needs, make sure you specify those up front. Additionally, you’ll want to confirm the size of the truck and trailer to make sure it can fit in the driveway of your barn. It is a great idea to check out Facebook and Google reviews!

You can make sure your horse is ready for the trip with this checklist!