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Don’t be the reason your quick eater chokes! Most have seen it, the horse that bolts inside and gobbles down his grain like it’s his last meal. This horse is usually done before all the others. It’s natural for him to want to eat, but it’s also in his best interest to consume grain and hay at a slower, more stretched out pace. Here’s some tips and tricks to put on the breaks!
  • Bring your horse in his stall before you give him his grain. Make him stand patiently before you dump it. Don’t allow him to be pushy or nip at you.
  • Feed him a flake of hay before his grain to encourage a fuller stomach.
  • If possible, break feeding times into three instead of one or two.
  • Try feeding in a flat, wide bucket, so the grain can spread out easier.
  • Add three or four rocks in the bucket. This will slow him down as he picks around the obstacles. Unfortunately, if he is smart, he’ll just push the rocks to one side. Keep an eye on him to see if it’s working.
  • For best results, try a slow-feeder bucket. They are designed for the quick eater! The bucket will have grooves and depressions that give the horse a harder time.
While the focus here is on grain, many horses also eat their hay too quickly. Slow-feeder hay nets are available in situations like that. It’s important to observe your horse when he eats. Eating quickly can be very dangerous. Put a halt to this nasty habit.
PRE-VENT Feeders, $27.99-$59.99; Jeffers.