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Every rider knows how long tack cleaning can take! Yes, it needs to get done. Some people enjoy this barn chore, while others not so much. If you want to speed the process up a bit, then follow these helpful tips. You’ll breeze through it!

  1. Wipe off your tack after each ride: If you get in the habit of taking a damp cloth to your tack after each ride, then it won’t build up as quickly. You should still plan to do deep cleanings every once in a while though.
  2. A 2-in-1 product is the way to go: Some leather care products offer cleaning and conditioning in one bottle. Leather New® Total Care by Farnam cleans, conditions, and shines in one step!
  3. Use warm water: Cold water doesn’t cut through dirt as easily. You can quicken the process by using warmer water.
  4. Easy on the soap: The more suds, the longer you’ll be wiping. Check the directions to your cleaning product because most only recommend a tiny bit. Many riders use too much product and create a soapy mess.
  5. Store your tack smartly: Your tack shouldn’t be exposed to a lot of dust and dirt. That might mean keeping them in saddle or bridle bags or sweeping your tack room regularly.

Tack cleaning doesn’t need to take forever! Not only can it be done quickly, but affordably too. This DIY leather cleaner and conditioner is a must try.