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The “Snowmageddon” of 2021 covered much of the United States. People all over were without power and water for several days during the coldest consecutive stretch that part of the country had seen in a long time. Ranchers everywhere spent hours and hours breaking water and making sure their livestock were properly taken care of.

Rachel Joi is the wife of Dolly Shine’s lead singer (Zack McGinn), an accomplished blogger, home decor and design icon, and of course rancher’s wife, who had some words of wisdom during this time. She put what we were all thinking and feeling to paper and described it perfectly. Read what Rachel Joi’s post said below.

We are all tired. 
We are all cold. 
We are all dealing with frozen pipes, chopping ice, feeding livestock, doing everything in our will power to keep animals alive. 
No power
Frozen trucks
Frozen tractors 
Frozen equipment 
Loss of livestock 
Loss of crops 
Tears have been shed 
Prayers have been constant 
We have been out all day in the -negative weather & up at nights checking wells & checking livestock. 

Houses are covered in mud 
Kids are going stir crazy from being stuck inside or in a feed pickup 
Laundry & dishes are piling up 
Family dinners are by candlelight or fire 

We are the ranchers & farmers of America. 
We are tired, but we will keep going & we will prevail. 

We are all on the same team. We are all facing these challenging times & doing our best. We are grateful to our friends up north sending down helpful tips, loving thoughts & prayers. We are reciprocating the prayers & loving thoughts as we know they are facing equally challenging times. 

Let’s do our best to stop with the thoughts of, “Oh this storm is nothing compared to what we have.” & other belittling thoughts of, “You would never make it up here.” Let’s do our best to stop comparing & stop with the constant ‘pissing matches’ (for lack of better words) of who is colder, who has it harder, who is doing it better. And instead lend a helping hand, a prayer, compassion & a ‘thank you’ to all of us alike out here facing these challenges, & remember we’re all in this together.