Mallory Beinborn.……

Learn about how Mallory Beinborn, owner of Impulse Photography, works!

How It Started

“I grew up showing horses in Wisconsin. When I was 20, I got a new camera for Christmas;  I’d take it with me to horse shows. I’d upload the photos I took, and people seemed to really like them.  By the end of the season someone asked me to shoot their wedding, so I had to upgrade my camera! From there, it kept blossoming.  I was invited to shoot a horse show where I met my now best friend, Melissa Baus.  A connection of Melissa’s in Texas also requested that I do photos of her, and from there it blew up.”

How She Works

“I’m pretty much always working, either traveling to or from a job or shooting or editing my photos.  My camera has taken me worldwide.  My passion for these gorgeous animals has allowed me many opportunities to meet amazing people and horses.  There is a lot of coordination in putting people, animals, and companies together to share a story; so that can be very demanding.  My family and friends bear with me!”

Why She Loves It

“I love the animals truthfully! It is such a rush for me when everything comes together and I can capture what I visualize in my head. I’ve been taken to simple and exotic destinations, worked with people from all walks of life, and shot anywhere from the most pampered animal to a gnarly, wild mustang, but, in the end, each photo tells its own story.”