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Most riders buy their bit based on its function, but why not add some flair to it too. Rainbow bits are both stylish and functional! The glistening colors are sure to catch your eye in the sunlight. They come in both English and Western styles, so that every rider can enjoy them! They’ll make a beautiful addition to your tack collection.

This multi-colored beauty is perfect for Western riders! It’s crafted from a unique titanium mixture that’s 100% bio compatible, so ideal for body use. It’s also incredibly strong and promotes saliva. The coloring won’t fade or chip away!

Western Curb Bit, $59.99, aaliff on Amazon

Similar to the first bit, this one is also for western riders. It has a bit more flair with the carvings on the shanks.

Fancy Western Curb Bit, $59.99, aaliff on Amazon

English riders can also enjoy a wide variety of rainbow bits. This polished stainless steel bit can be used with English or western tack. You can even find matching stirrups and spurs!

Ritzy EQ Rainbow Bit, $29.99, Western Tack Room

There’s no reason you can’t have a little fun with your tack! Let your true colors show with this bold and beautiful bit choice.